YouTube tips to make life easier

YouTube is the second largest search engine after google and perhaps the most visited site for user who want to browse videos and listen to music. In this post I am going to guide you through some of YouTube tips to make life easier.

    YouTube Leanback

YouTube features a completely mouse free website, which means you can control your YouTube with keyboard only. To use this feature type or on your address bar you will be redirected to a completely new YouTube interface. Now you can control all the functionalities of YouTube with you keyboard only. To enter into search bar type ‘s‘ , type ‘g’ to enter open the guide. You can browse through all the sections by using your arrow keys.YouTube tips to make life easier

YouTube RemoteControl

       We can control the playback of YouTube from our android devices. Inorder to do so we need to hit the YouTube leanback url shown above.

Step 1:   Now click ‘g’ -> select settings -> select pair device. It will show a pairing code which needs to entered on our android device from which we will control our desktop YouTube.YouTube tips to make life easierYouTube tips to make life easierYouTube tips to make life easier

Step 2: Now open YouTube app on your android phone click on menu -> select settings -> select  Connected TVs ->  select Add a TV. Now enter the code generated in step 1 and click on Add.  That’s it now we are ready to control our desktop  YouTube from our android phone.

YouTube tips to make life easier YouTube tips to make life easier
YouTube tips to make life easier YouTube tips to make life easier

Search for a video on your android phone and tap on it play it. It will give you option to play on your desktop.

Hidden Movies/Videos

YouTube has a large collection of videos still at times we are not able to find out the movie or video we are searching for, here is a tip to get those movies and videos. There are subreddits where you can find the videos which are not listed on YouTube like fullmoviesonyoutube.This is a huge community so you will find lots of YouTube videos uploaded but not available for search. You can find latest seasons, movies, songs, videos from here.

Well that’s it for this post. Do let us know if you were aware about this trick through our comments section. If you know other cool YouTube tricks, do share with us in comments.

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