Ok Google , take a selfie .

The first use of the word selfie in any paper or electronic medium appeared in an Australian internet forum on 13 September 2002 and selfie word was crowned Oxford Dictionary in 2013 but google developers might not be aware of this word.

Oh oh! It is not funny , neuroNBoosters are serious .

If you don’t believe you can give a try. On your nexus device , just say “Ok Google” , “Take a selfie”.

Now if you found camera app opened with front facing camera then neuroNBoosters are fine if not please ask google to work upon this.


Nexus 5X On body detection locking problem

There is one more major bug need to be fixed by google on Nexus 5X.

In “On-body detection” mode “on” status , if user want to lock phone then how if works on Nexus 5.

Just press the power button and you will be on lock screen then need to press LOCK [center bottom] button [on screen] , here is your phone is locked.

Ok Google, Take a selfie

But in Nexus 5X, locking phone explicitly by pressing the LOCK[center bottom] button[on-screen] simply doesn’t respond.

Google need to work upon above production defects. neuroNBoosters update you once fixed .


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