YouTube is the largest online library of videos and songs. We often visit YouTube to play our favorite song or video. One thing important feature which YouTube’s native player was lacking was ability to loop YouTube videos. Although there are many third party solutions like

and many more. These all are third party and you have to go away from YouTube to play songs in repeat, even more you have to copy URL from YouTube and paste into one of these sites to play your song in repeat or replace your YouTube URL with some other URL like replacing “” with “”, though these solutions did the trick but it took away the fun of playing a video on YouTube along with seeing its suggestions. If you want to listen some other song again, follow these steps again.

We don’t have to do any of this anymore.YouTube has simplified the way of playing the videos in loop.

Loop YouTube videos

YouTube has rolled the feature to loop videos through YouTube’s player itself. All you need to do it right click on the video you are playing -> select Loop and voila your video play will on loop.

Loop youtube videos



Now you can keep listening to your favorite songs in loop on YouTube without having to go to any other site. This feature is not exclusively for Chrome, neuronboosters tried this on Mozilla Firefox and this feature was available for Firefox users also. In case this feature doesn’t work on your browser try updating your browser to latest version and also your adobe flash player. After updating please follow the steps mentioned above in the  post to see if you have the feature to play your favorite songs in loop.

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