Google Phone and Contacts app updated

Google has updated its stock Phone and Contacts app. Although there are no major changes in the app look and feel but changes is always welcome from google. While exploring for changes in the app we found few new features added to our favorite Phone and Contacts app.


One of the most wanted features in Phone app if any was Call blocking feature, with the latest update google has added a feature to block any number. To do this go to menu of your phone app -> select Settings -> select Call blocking -> Tap Add Number.

Block numbersScreenshot_20151208-095802








Now enter the number you wish to block. Another useful feature is new UI for business recognized by Google Caller ID. When  you call a business number(say Pizza Hut) recognized by Google caller id apart from the normal incall UI you will see tons of other information about the business added.

Google Caller ID new UI



We did not notice any new feature in Contacts application apart from an option to select account in the contacts add screen i.e we can select the account to which we want to add the numbers from the drop down menu on the contacts add screen.

New contacts app google

Do let us know what you think about the latest update of google through our comments section.

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