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Amazon kindle update

Amazon kindle update Neuronboosters

Amazon kindle E-Reader is a great device for readers and undoubtedly┬áthe best E-Reader in present now. If you own a kindle then there is a good news for you, your kindle is going to be updated. This Amazon kindle update will have a…


YouTube tips to make life easier

YouTube tips to make life easier

YouTube tips to make life easier YouTube is the second largest search engine after google and perhaps the most visited site for user who want to browse videos and listen to music. In this post I am going to guide you through some…


Loop YouTube videos

youtube loop

YouTube is the largest online library of videos and songs. We often visit YouTube to play our favorite song or video. One thing important feature which YouTube’s native player was lacking was ability to loop YouTube videos. Although there are many third party…


Installing playstore app on RemixOS

Installing playstore app on RemixOS

RemixOS is a great android operating system designed for laptops. Although it is in Alpha version still it is worth giving a try to get a feel of how android works on desktop environment. If you haven’t installed RemixOS on your desktop and…


Installing Remix OS on Windows PC dual boot

Installing Remix OS on Windows PC dual boot

Remix OS is android based operating system designed for desktop. It was released to public on Januray 12th, 2016 by Jide Technology. Although this is alpha version, which means it will have bugs, but it is still worth giving a try, after all…


New way to take screenshot on Andoroid

Take screenshot on android

If we are asked a question how to take screenshot on android ? The obvious answer is by long pressing power key along with volume down key. Well google is planning change the way screenshot is taken on android phones.      …


Nexus 5 Boot-loop fixed

nexus bootloop fixed

Nexus 5 Boot-loop or Nexus 5 restarting over and over fixed. Don’t worry about the restarting and boot-loop on Nexus 5 , as neuroNBoosters will tell you what is actually happened to you champ device. No need to throw device or search another…


MTP connection in android M


Starting from android M google has changed the way MTP(Media Transfer Protocol) connection works. Before M when device get connected to PC with help of USB cable phone using MTP mode. But starting M, plug in device to PC wouldn’t help because by…


Enabling Finger Print Sensor Windows 10

fingerprint sensor

Enabling Finger Print Sensor Windows 10 Fresh installation of windows 10 will not let you get fingerprint sensor driver enable already. In order to make it work what all suggested from neuroNBoosters is to follow below steps and enjoy. On Windows 10 there…


Install Android Marshmallow(M/6.0) on Nexus 5

android m nexus 5

neuroNBoosters will help in installing Android Marshmallow(M/6.0) on Nexus 5 even before OTA. Prerequisite Take backup of current device before installing android marshmallow. Download below items – Factory Image for Nexus 5 Google USB Driver Nexus Root Toolkit Installation Install Nexus Root Toolkit.…