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Ok Google , Take a selfie

ok google , take a selfie

Ok Google , take a selfie . The first use of the word selfie in any paper or electronic medium appeared in an Australian internet forum on 13 September 2002 and selfie word was crowned Oxford Dictionary in 2013 but google developers might…


Top 5 Cardboard Apps on Google Play

Top 5 cardboard apps on google play

Top 5 Cardboard Apps on Google Play Download top 5 Google Cardboard apps from Google Play A variety of 1000+ cardboard apps are present on Google Play. Experiencing virtual reality through Google Cardboard can be phenomenal if and only if your selection of VR(Virtual…


Installing playstore app on RemixOS

Installing playstore app on RemixOS

RemixOS is a great android operating system designed for laptops. Although it is in Alpha version still it is worth giving a try to get a feel of how android works on desktop environment. If you haven’t installed RemixOS on your desktop and…


Installing Remix OS on Windows PC dual boot

Installing Remix OS on Windows PC dual boot

Remix OS is android based operating system designed for desktop. It was released to public on Januray 12th, 2016 by Jide Technology. Although this is alpha version, which means it will have bugs, but it is still worth giving a try, after all…


New way to take screenshot on Andoroid

Take screenshot on android

If we are asked a question how to take screenshot on android ? The obvious answer is by long pressing power key along with volume down key. Well google is planning change the way screenshot is taken on android phones.      …


Google Phone and Contacts app updated

Google Caller ID new UI

Google Phone and Contacts app updated Google has updated its stock Phone and Contacts app. Although there are no major changes in the app look and feel but changes is always welcome from google. While exploring for changes in the app we found…


Google Camera updated to v3.1.021 with new User Interface


Google Camera updated to v3.1.021 with new User Interface Google has pushed a new version of Google Camera App v3.1.021. The latest version has major changes like User Interface , ease switching to  and from video mode and panorama resolution.   USER INTERFACE Accessibility…


WhatsApp updated with starred messages, direct share.

watsapp starred feature

The newest version of popular messaging app WhatsApp(2.12.367) has hit playstore with lots of new features.. The  latest update of WhatsApp has added features like starred messages, direct share and link preview. Starred Messages In the latest version of WhatsApp you can make a message starred…


Amazon India offering discounted NEXUS 5X

nexus 5x

If you have been thinking to grab latest NEXUS 5X then this is best time to buy one. The latest flagship phone of Google is being offered by Amazon India at discounted rate. 16GB variant of NEXUS 5X is being offered at a discount…


Nexus 5 Boot-loop fixed

nexus bootloop fixed

Nexus 5 Boot-loop or Nexus 5 restarting over and over fixed. Don’t worry about the restarting and boot-loop on Nexus 5 , as neuroNBoosters will tell you what is actually happened to you champ device. No need to throw device or search another…