Remix OS is android based operating system designed for desktop. It was released to public on Januray 12th, 2016 by Jide Technology. Although this is alpha version, which means it will have bugs, but it is still worth giving a try, after all its our favorite android OS ported for laptop.

We can install remix OS as dual boot on our windows PC. In this post I will guide you through Installing Remix OS on Windows PC dual boot

Installing Remix OS on Windows PC dual boot

Warning : This may not work on all PC’s but should work on most. neuroNBoosters doesn’t take any responsibility of damage of data or damage caused to your PC.

Before we begin, download Remix OS from its site, if you have already downloaded the zip file then we are ready to go for installation.

  1. Extract the downloaded zip file to some location.
  2. Before we begin installation we need to create a partition of atleast 8GB using any partition tool. We would recommend to use Easus Partition Manager to create partition. Once you have created the partition format the partition in FAT32 system.
  3. Now our partition is created, extract the contents of ISO file to the new partition. Also copy the ISO file without modification to the same newly created partition. Now our partition must have a ISO file along the extracted contents of ISO file. Your partition content should look similar to below photo.Partition content-Installing Remix OS on Windows PC dual boot
  4. Now we need to make the entry  of RemixOS to boot menu, for that we need to download EasyBCD. After download launch the program. Select Add New Entry  ->  In the lower right pane select ISO -> Now add a name to be shown in boot menu e.g RemixOS -> In path select the ISO which you have copied in new partition created for RemixOS -> Click on Add Entry button at bottom right. After these steps your EasyBCD window should look like this.

    Editing boot menu with easybcd-Installing Remix OS on Windows PC dual boot

    Editing boot menu with easybcd

  5. To verify if you have successfully added RemixOS to boot menu click on Edit boot menu at left and see if there is a entry named RemixOS. If it is then we are ready to go.
  6. Restart your PC in the boot menu select RemixOS.Boot menu- Installing Remix OS on Windows PC dual boot
  7. There are two modes in which you can use Remix OS guest mode and resident mode. If you select guest mode your data will not persist after reboot. In our case we are going to select Resident mode at first boot it will take some time to install RemixOS eventually your PC will boot with RemixOS.Resident Mode - Installing Remix OS on Windows PC dual boot
  8.  Select you preferred language press Next -> Enter your wifi password press next (Press skip at bottom right if you don’t want to setup wifi now). We are done. Now enjoy RemixOS

That all about Installing Remix OS on Windows PC dual boot. In case of any queries or suggestions regarding this post please contact us through our  comments section.

Update : Follow this post to install Google Playstore application on RemixOS

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